Know The Basic Information On Hot Print And Its Process

More and more companies are opting for Hot Print due to the benefits that it has on offer. Hot printing is a dry process which is applied on a colored foil or a multi-colored foil image with the use of a die which is heated to the required temperature to create an imprint. The foil can be of different types and can be a single colored foil to give a shiny metallic finish to the image printed. Hot printing can also be done with the help of a pre-printed multi-colored foils to transfer all the colors at a time by heating the die.

Best Process For Product Identification

Hot stamping is basically a thermal bonding process and there are several machines that are used for hot printing.If you are considering applying this beneficial method to imprint an image on your product then you must consider the size, specification according to your requirement. It is the best process for identification of your product as it gives permanent adherence between the printing surface material and the colored foil. The resulting image is durable and distinct which can withstand several harsh conditions and still remain legible making it an ideal process for marking a product.

Use Of The Die

The primary tool that is used in hot printing for marking on the product is the die or a design sculpted on a metal sheet. This die is typically made form metals like brass, steel and copper. You can also get aluminum and other dies for the same which can withstand heat which is the primary criteria for Hot Print. The image that you wish to print on the surface is designed in this die which will be transferred to the printing surface by heating it to a required temperature for specific time and applying enough pressure to create the image.

The Process Followed

This die is heated and is then passed on to the surface of the foil that sits between the die and the printing surface called the substrate. The heat then melts the color pigments on the foil and adheres to the surface of the material and transfers the exact pattern of the die onto the substrate. This image is not only durable but is clear and the exact replica along with all the distinctive features of the actual image which is why this type of printing is so popular and extensively used across different industries for product identification.

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