Are we looking at the right place for Aliens?

Perhaps the biggest is not even an organization as a system uniting supporters of the existence of intelligent life in the universe, is the program Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence – Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. In the project work SETI radio and optical telescopes around the world, but it is one hundred percent proof of the existence of intelligent extraterrestrials found.

Around the world, there are groups of people who have chosen a profession and find evidence of aliens. They form communities, exchange experience, go on an expedition to the field of so-called UFO landing. These people rely solely on their strength because the official authorities have their point of view and its research methods are too far from Area 51 secret technology.

To say that the state is not interested in UFOs, it is impossible. It is possible to speak quite seriously, even by the official documents that are published. Intelligence agencies have a distinct advantage to the public men: if there is evidence of the visits, the experts know the secret about this. For them the question “yes or no,” most likely, no longer exists.

But most anyway faced with the “flying saucers” – ordinary people thought it is alien invasion in action. It is the stories of their lives are full of archive files. Among them are observers and there are so-called contacted – those who directly communicate with aliens. However, apart from sometimes quite fantastic stories, they have nothing to prove that contact. And these letters – ton. In most cases, we are talking about some lights. Less often – described the object itself. Typically, messages are not accompanied by images of high definition, which would enable it to say that it was a UFO. Observers around the world have accumulated, probably more than a hundred million people. In 1892, according to a poll Pokos Public Opinion Research Center, 3.7 million. Americans said that abducted by aliens. In 1877, half of the US adult population believed in the existence of UFOs, and 15 million.

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